Step for ease traffic jam in Dhaka city

We live in a city where there seems to be more vehicles then people. Apart from the private cars, which are fairly in good condition, taxi cabs, CNG Auto rickshaws, public buses (except for the BRTC buses) are in a dilapidated condition. This public transports, as I might put in my own words, have died a natural death many years ago. But they are still playing the roads of Dhaka. I wonder why the government is not taking step to get these dead vehicles off the road. May be the authorities concerned to check the fitness of these dead vehicles are offered a good amount of bribe to keep their eye closed. Its seems like BRTA s motto is – see no fitness, and a pocket full of richness! The government should introduced rail cars from Narayanganj to Savar for the working class people and students whh have to bear the hassle every day, The first stoppage should be at Kamlapur, the next at Khikgaon, then Mogbazar, Mohakhali, Tegjaon, airport and finally at Savar.

There should be a chain of six rail cars capable of transporting six hundred people and there should also be five shift during rush hour, in the morning and evening. If the government takes this step to ease traffic congestion, they will surely win the hurts of the common people. This is a suggestion for the government’s consideration.

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