Online rent a car & e-media
19 Aug 2016

Online rent a car & e-media 

Now people are leaving in the world of science. People learnt a lot which they do not know. In the present time success comes by the electronic media. Revolution also held in the worlds of electronic media. Impact of e-media is clear in the life of people who are living in the society. Science, education, information, politics and other aspects impact of e-media is clear. E-media it has some positive and some negative impact.

Bangladesh is democratic country, so, social media never face difficulties in Bangladesh. In the last century in Bangladesh a lot of e-media has establish. At present in the personal life of people the impact of e-media has most. Electronic media has changed the life of a people and world culture has increased.

What is e-media?

E-media means which are established in electronic device. The e-media is television, radio, fax, internet etc. It is seen very often that e-media and print media is different. At present television, radio, and internet is the most common factor for telecast information.

In Bangladesh radio channel establish in 1920. In 1950 century television has establish and in the 60th century cable television has established. In 1980 internet communication has established by personal computer. In 1990 team burners www has established.

By the impact of electronic and print media people of Bangladesh are gradually dependent internet to search and received services. People are more dependent in media and search rent a car and others by using internet. So, online rent a car is popular in Bangladesh day by day. In Dhaka city its area is small and large number of population are leaving hear so the city is getting crowd and congested and people could not go out for doing work as they are depend on internet searching and online rent a car in Dhaka. Considering hassle for the customer we are providing online rent a car support to the customer in Bangladesh at any time and place.

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