Ambulance Service
25 Sep 2016

Ambulance Service

Haque Ambulance Service is the best ambulance service in Bangladesh. We serve emergency and non-emergency patients from –

  • Hospital to Home
  • Home to Hospital
  • From one hospital to another
  • All of Bangladesh from one city to another
  • Available 24/7

Haque Ambulance Service provides the best ambulances fully equipped with all basic medical equipment. AC/NON AC ambulances are easily available.

The fastest ambulance service in Bangladesh

We provide Outpatient services faster than other companies in Bangladesh. If you need an express ambulance service near you within minutes, give us a call. We are ready to quickly deliver Outpatients in all parts of Bangladesh. So, you can hire an ambulance anytime, anywhere in minutes.

Preliminary equipment with ambulance


We provide ambulances for wheelchair users. The wheelchair is the most important thing for the patient. We offer free wheelchair ambulance services to patients. A 24-hour ambulance service is available in all Dhaka cities. Contact us for service.


Every ambulance is always full of oxygen pressure for emergency or medical patients. This is the basic service of our ambulance. Oxygen is provided completely free of charge to patients in the emergency case.

 Stretcher Support

Each ambulance is equipped with a stretcher for transporting patients, emergency or medical. This is the basic service of our ambulance. Stretchers are completely free for emergency patients.

Haque Ambulance Service in Dhaka, Bangladesh. Please call for Ambulance Now: 01715 834 829

Haque Ambulance service is 24 hours and 7 days. Any time, any where we go to provide you ambulance service. We are very chap ambulance service in Dhaka. Our ambulance is in Good and new condition.

In Dhaka city there is heavy jam so, our driver is very expert to reach your destination within short time.

For your home service you can call us.

AC Ambulance for emergency patients in Dhaka

If you are looking for a comfortable and luxurious ambulance to transport patients from one place to another, you can rent an air-conditioned ambulance instead of renting a non-air-conditioned ambulance. Too many companies and institutions offer the same services. But are they all reliable and budget-friendly? Or provide 24/7 service?

What is an AC ambulance?

An air-conditioned ambulance is a special vehicle with air conditioning. This keeps the entire car at the ideal temperature. It also ensures advanced support for you and your patients, there is no doubt that air-conditioned supported vehicle services are better than non-air-conditioned ambulance services in Bangladesh. AC ambulances, also known as basic ambulances, are mainly used to transport patients who are in a stable condition and do not require continuous monitoring.

BLS ambulances are equipped with general equipment such as oxygen, stethoscope and blood pressure monitoring equipment. This type of ambulance is best for transporting patients from nearby areas. We are one of the most famous and trusted AC ambulance suppliers in Dhaka. We take this opportunity to introduce ourselves as one of the fastest AC ambulance providers.

What is an ambulance without AC?

While in air-conditioned ambulances people get air-conditioning, in non-air-conditioned ambulances the same people do not get air-conditioning.

For those who are looking for a cheap ambulance in Bangladesh, we strongly recommend you to call us to hire a non air conditioned ambulance from us.

The basic inequality is the air conditioning system. In an air-conditioned ambulance, you get air conditioning, which is not available in non-air-conditioned ambulances, but only in regular vehicles.


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